I’ve been having a Bond fest over the last few days. So many good ones, even after all these years. My favorite Octopussy because it’s set in India, which I love because it’s my favorite country, also my girl lives there 🙂 ❤

Also there’s a girl with a tattoo, and that reminds me of my girl because she has a few tattoo’s, and good ones from what I can tell, can’t wait to see them close up.

I’ve never heard someone shout at the TV when he’s on his own, watching football as my neighbor, Mark………..hahahaha

To be honest, I’ve never heard someone shout at the TV before hehe 🙂

It must effect at least 4 flats that are around him, but he dosen’t seem to care 😦

There’s a lot of disclosure in Bond films including deep underground military bases (DUMBs) and tunnels, to everything you read in the papers is just properganda and bull shit, that’s why Bond dosen’t read them hehe

And voice changing tech, as is Biden’s actor using now, for instance, and this was in Diamonds are forever, which is nearly as old as me hehe 🙂

Bond always gets the girl at the end, and I’m going to get the girl soon 🙂


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