This is partly my research and partly http://www.x22report.com from today……..

So, basicly the FBI have been covering for Hillary’s crimes against children for decades, and many other people too 😦 But now the Durham trial is bringing it all up for the world to see and they can’t hide it anymore. But the department of Justice is corrupt as well, that’s why it is military tribunals for all of them 🙂

What you’re seeing at the moment is just for the public to wake up slowly too because if you told them everything in one go, half of them would have a mental breakdown 😦

The level of evil, in particular against children is unheard of for most of us.

It’s all connected, Treason, crimes against children, and pretty much every other crime, has been commited by the same, relativley small group of people, though it’s a worldwide problem, so not that small hehe

The good news is it’s nearly over and there will soon be trials on TV of convictions and executions of all the bad actors, for the world to see 🙂

Most of them are military tribunals and a lot, if not all, happened sometime ago, in some cases a few years ago 🙂 I think, dating back to 2017 in some cases.

The hotline in the USA for reporting child abuse went straight to someone who has direct ties to the Clinton’s, which if you can’t guess, is really, really bad 😦

I can only asume it’s a worldwide problem going back decades, if not forever.

Jimmy Savile got away with it all his life, and EVERYONE covered for him. He was best buds with Prince Charles, he was knighted, which makes me think a lot of people who are pedos are knighted 😦

The good news, again, is that most, if not all of it got shut down from at least 2017 onwards and they have been blowing up DUMBs and rescueing children since at least 2017.

Hold on to you’re hats because there’s going to be a lot of hard truths to swallow soon.

Lizz Truss just quit after about a month as Prime Minister 🙂 hahahaha That didn’t last long.

She also is a pedo and talked about Jimmy Saville in a tweet, I think, saying he was always up beat and rest in peace 😦 ugggh how disgusting. I think everything is controlled by the white hats and they just put her in for a bit before they exspose her later.

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