When Mr C puts the codes in, within 120 days we will have new elections worldwide, if it’s still the same NESARA/GESARA but we will have to wait and see 🙂

I joined a non vax control group right at the begining of lockdown and I have to update it once a month. Needless to say I have not had covid or anything else, just the same stroke that I’ve had for 11 years. hehe

I started watching http://www.tarotbyjanine.com about a year ago, and she is bang on with the cards as far as my very limited research goes 🙂

Monkey works, you can find him on YouTube, has reported large troop movements all over the USA yesterday, so I think we are close.

Monkey works keeps track of all the flights in the USA and europe every few days, as is ex-army I think, and does a great job to 🙂

Markz says that the new Prez of Iraq will be seated today, Saturday, or Monday, and as soon as that happens, or maybe before, we have our RV 🙂

I write a bit of stuff on my phone while watching films as it comes to me……….I guess you could say I’m multitasking because I’m watching a film and coming up with bollox to write to you two haha Who said men can’t multitask ha ha 🙂

In the Bond film Moonraker, he goes into space without a helmet and the secret space program people don’t have helmets either, so I think that maybe more disclosure because the Secret Space Program started in the 60’s or 70’s I think. And when he goes into space there’s stuff that’s not on the radar, and I think it’s more disclosure because they can do that too. I could be full of shit though so I wouldn’t pay any attention to me hahahahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂

Before any of this stared, maybe 2017, General Flynn said that we have an army of digital soldiers, and they later became known as anons, (anonymous researchers) and then the fake news came up with Qanon haha

Every now and then, like now, I’m trying to go to sleep when I think of something for my blog, so I have to get up and walk across my room an turn my phone on to write it down haha 🙂 I don’t keep the phone on, or next to me while I’m sleeping because apparently it’s bad for you, which I can understand.

I sent my girl a text ages ago, after I saw that she had cordless headphones in, and it was about the radiation that cordless headphones causes. Now, I didn’t know at the time what that ment, I just new it couldn’t be good 😦 Now I know that it causes cancer, which is quite bad if you ask me haha 🙂 I guess it would be brain cancer too.


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