I just watched the latest http://www.tarotbyjanine.com

Here’s what she says………

The plan for vaxx passports worldwide is just trying to wake people up to what the Cabal/Deep state, etc would have done if they could……………… but it won’t happen 🙂

I think a lot of people will be in prison, or executed, personally 🙂 (Me)

Trump will be back by 2023, maybe before.

The green new deal, which is all fake by the way, the planet isn’t on it’s last legs hahahahaha

Well, that’s not going to happen, according to the cards………And I know they are just trying to scare people, because if you have a population that lives in fear, they are easy to control.

Me speaking now……We just need more trees, which I will help with. There’s about 3 trillion trees on the planet right now, and there should be at least 6 trillion, according to DGB (Dutch Green Bussiness) and with my humanitarian funds I’m going to Cornwall, Titagel Castle, where there is a hotel and also that’s where John Mapin lives, who is the owner of DGB 🙂

Back to Janine……..

We are all going to be sovereign.

All governments are going to fall at the same time 🙂

(I can vouch for that, with all that I have reserched the past few years, and I can’t wait………Whoop whoop)

All governments agenda’s at the mo are just to wake people up to what they would have done, so that it NEVER happens again.

Alex Collier, who has had ET contact for decades, says that we are really close, days away from the EBS, (Emergency Broadcast System) all governments being taken out etc.

Janine says that he got that from off world (ET’s), according to her cards, but the timing maybe off by a week or two 🙂

Bring it on baby………I’m fucking ready hehehe

And that’s my up-date

Did you guess that I hate the cold and winter by my moaning about the heating etc?? Hahahahaha

If I never spent another winter here it would be the best thing in the world Brrrrrrrrrrrr 🙂

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