Micheal Jaco, (ex-SEAL, ex-CIA, he used to put bubbles of love round his combat zones and they would never be hit) well he says that other card readers look up to Janine because she has good conection to source, and she dosen’t know anything about what she’s reading about in general πŸ™‚

That’s why she got took off YouTube, because she was undoing all the Cabals spells hehe

I hypothicate (is that even a word hehe) that the Universe has always been, and will always be……..thus what came first, the chicken or the egg is irrelevant haha

I think we’ve been living in a massive psyopp all our lives 😦

I thought we’d lived in one kind of world, when really,it was a demonic one, where governments of the world were in to pedophillia, child trafficking, child sacrifce etc, and child trafficking is acctually bigger than the drug trade:-(

In the trillions of dollars a year.

Thank fuck it’s all but over now. But I did hear that they are taking more chances now as it gets harder and harder to get people, so take a man you can trust with you when you go out for drinks, if your a girl πŸ™‚

My girls got mostly male freinds I think, so I know she’ll be ok.

There was a clip of some people trying to steal a baby from a crowded cafe, I saw the other day 😦

Now from the Jean-Claude and Janine Rumble show, which I forwarded to my girl, don’t know if she”ll watch it hehe but I will go over a bit of it here…….

Twatter has been promotting child trafficking for ages, and Elon is cleaning it up now πŸ™‚

Kanye West has been calling them out on it. Kanye has brocken his MK ultra programing for the second time now and they are being outed.

The Washington Posts, The jabbed are the ones that are dying 😦 (I sent that to everyone on my Telegram, including my girl, every now and then I share stuff to everyone there, if I think it’s important)

The President of Ukraine, Zelinsky, is a deep cover white hat.

And that’s it for today……….If I messed it up it’s because it’s to early in the morning Hahaha

Going back to bed for an hour hehe


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