God is inside everyone of us, not out there somewhere 🙂

http://www.exopoliticstoday.org I just listened to the latest with Michael Salla and JP, he does off planet missions, on planet missions etc, for the US Army, and he said that their are giants waking up all over the world, in space Ark’s and underground I think, and the Nordic’s, ET’s, told him that it is because Enki (The Annunaki) has recently come back into the solar system 🙂

You may, or may not know of the story of Enli and Enki, I don’t hahahaha 🙂

Michael said that Ellana said that Enki had recently returned too.

There are space ark’s burried in Florida, Ukraine, near the bermuda triangle, and other places yet to be disclosed.

The Nordic’s taught JP a telepathy trick, where you look into the other persons eye’s, and be in a meditative state, close your eye’s, open them again, close the again, and picture what you want to say in your mind 🙂

Only do it with people you trust.

The Nordic’s speak with a cross between a Jamacican/Spanish accent.

I highley recommend watching the whole show……..It’s only about 40 minutes.

Peace out nigga’s hehe 🙂


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