Ok, so I’ve had a bottle of wine and I was in bed and I had to get up to write this hehe

You HAVE to have faith, weather it’s in God, Universe, or fairys sprinckling angle dust (I don’t know where that came from haha)

You have to believe in something……..and say thank you daily for the things you are thankful for, weather it’s stuff you have, on stuff you want to have 🙂

That’s my opinion anyway.

You must have something to look forward too, even I have had a stroke, but you must look forward to something………My life is about to get really interesting, lots of sex, I hope hehe, traveling around the world, helping other people , without expecting anything in return, and who knows what else.

And I believe it’s because I have said thank you for stuff I have, and stuff I want to have 🙂

You create your own reality, depending on what you believe/think etc

If you’re always complaining about stuff then you will have more stuff to complain about 😦

If you say thank you for stuff, daily, you will have more stuff to be thankful for……..simples 🙂

Well, that’s what I learned from being thankful for stuff over the last 10 years (aproxamatley)

I’m listening to TIP, a Trance album that came out before I was ever into Trance, over 20 years ago haha.

I had more, but I forgot it, as is the way with strokes hehe

I can’t wait to have a medbed so this shit stops happening……

Peace out dudes and dudetes 🙂

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