I’m starting to form a plan in my mind.

First off, I have to say that only if my girl agrees 🙂

I would like to build a house with a cafe next door, selling orgnic raw foods and supershakes with cacao and things. Beer, wine champayne etc, in Columb, South Goa, inbetween Palolem and Patnam, right on the coast, and have a few canoes for people to rent and go around Columb, Patnem and Palolem by canoe 🙂

It would have a frame out over the water with tables and chairs, with a long seafront bit and the last bit before the water has like comfy floor cushions and low tables all across the front, 5 or 6 tables, looking out to sea.

With some canoes tied up at one end, and I’ll give all the profits from the canoes to the waiters, so they tell all the customers, and it will be cheap for all afternoon, or all morning 🙂

I did it before and it was great, and got a great tan hehe

The house will have a swimming pool in the front, by the sea 🙂

Out door shower looking over the sea, 2 indoor showers. Single story, with the bedrooms the furthest away from the cafe. It won’t be small though, so there will be plenty of room.

We will have a band stage in the cafe and get bands to come and play.

I don’t know if the land is still free. It was the last time I went in 2018.

But the spot where I want it would take some work, so that’s why nothing has been done there 🙂

It’s just an idea, but I have to think of something constructive to do with my wealth, that gives people reliable jobs and good money to live off.

I’m not worried about making a profit, I’ll just pay my workers well 🙂

The roof garden will have a covered kitchen, comfy chairs, sunbathing beds, a bar and a shower, toilet, sink.

I will have a pool table down stairs.

It will be enclosed for Flokie and the cats 🙂

The design inside I will leave to my girl, pretty much, I have one or two ideas.

It’s all just theoretical at the mo thou.

For a start, I don’t think foreiners can build there so we have to find a way around that. I do Have a few friends there, who are indian, and I can trust them.

We will have to wait and see.

I haven’t been to my girls place yet, I might like that even better 🙂

That’s on the east coast, the Goa of the east, apparently.

I just came up with that tonight, I had been toying with the idea of building a house somehow.

But then we don’t need to cook much because the cafe will be next door, and we get to decide the menu hehehe 😉

So as long as we find a good chief we’re sorted whoop whoop

That’s my dream for the day………..I hope you like it 🙂

Peace out mother fuckers hahahaha


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