I can’t wait to go on adventures with my girl 🙂 She’s always off somewhere, walking a lot and going to great places all over Asia.

I was watching Mark Attwood and he had a guy called Ian on, and he says that we are not on a spinning ball, actualy it’s the sun that goes around the earth 🙂

That makes sense to me because we would have to be spinning at the speed of light me thinks hehe

I know we’ve been lied to about EVERYTHING, so it’s going to be an interesting 2023 as we find out the reality of all things.

Ian also says that there will be 2 suns soon, some people can already see them, so I hear.

Mark has been doing shows for a while, I only just found him, but he’s a regular on all the truther shows I watch, like Tarot by Janine, Michael Jaco etc so I trust him and the guests he has on 🙂

Marks also going to do a course online with Ian, where afterwards you will be your own medbed, and be capable of healing others too 🙂

I’ve joined his email list, so when he gives me the details I will pass them on to you here.

That’s all for now peeps…….


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