Musk is not with the Alliance, but is working with them to bring peace and prosperity to earth 🙂

This is all from the Tom numbers show yesterday with Miechelle Fielding………

Each person must take back thier power and trust in God/Universe/Spirit, whatever suits you best.

Elon is a-political and a genius …………(I should point out that Miechelle channals her info from the Galactic federation, who are helping us at this time) Now back to my notes……

Elon is not power hungry and is a humanitarian, not worried about money and dosn’t want to get involved with politics, tho he was asked…..haha, I wouldn’t either hehe

There are numerous health and freedom things waiting to be released when Mr C puts the codes in. (Markz says that money is moving, so any minute now, which is lucky because I’m spose to move out tomorrow hehe)

There will be less military in the future because we will have world peace, so the miliary’s job will change some too.

The people of the world will control the military via the Starlink satalite system and if there’s a war the whole satalite system will shut down as a fail safe, and we the whole world won’t be able to have access to the QFS, new banking system etc, thus there will be no wars 🙂

whoop whoop

The back log of the shipping around the world the last few years was because they were looking for gold, and all gold had to be accounted for and logged into the QFS.

Zim and dinner, dong etc that gets exchanded when Mr C puts the codes in, will only be exchanged in countries signed in to the Starlink system. (75 % done)

And just some of my observations is that it’s all coded in God’s langauge, Gemantria, which Tom numbers does 🙂

Things like, the great awakening, RV (revaluation) GCR, and the Tesla numbers, 369. (Nickola Tesla)

And they do a lot of comms for the great awakening in a british news paper called, The Daily Star 🙂

In Gemantria, Daily = GESARA and Star = NESARA which I thought was quite cool.

I have to add that I don’t do ANY news papers, news on TV etc, because I know you can’t trust them to tell the truth about ANYTHING hehe 🙂

That’s all for now, hopefully I will be back in a day or two to tell you that I’ve opened my bottle of Champayne, because the light has finaly won this war that’s been going on, even before Jesus was born hehe

I won’t be able to tell you anymore at that point because I will be under an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) 🙂

Peace out dudes and dudete’s………


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