Stop making excuses for things, like, I would do this but…….. Or, if it wasn’t for this then it would be alright……. Or, if my health was better I would do this.

There is NO excuse for anything. You are either living the life you want, or you’re working towards it, or you’re not, you’re just making up excuses so you don’t have to deal with the reality of the situation. Grow a pair and get on with it hehe 🙂

Stop talking about you’re health probems. When you speak about you’re health problems, the more health problems you will have…..simples

Say things like, “I am fit and healthy”, even if you’re not, in fact it’s more important to say that daily if your unwell.

Megan Rose has been doing some polls on Telegram, and she asked if we are all leaders, that choose to manifest on earth at this time to create heaven on earth, and I said yes, along with 92% of people hehe

I just shared I something on fakebook that I said here about negative thoughts about an hour ago……haha me and fakebook are syncronised hehe

I was inspired, in part, to right this because of someone I know 🙂


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