My girl keeps going to beautiful places that I would love to go to……I hope she dosen’t mind going again with me hehe

I had a bit of fun on fakebook yesterday, telling people that they will be surprised at all the people who they thought had died were actualy in the witness protection programs, like JFK JR, Lady Di, Michael Jackson, to name just a few. I know that they proberly won’t believe a word of it, but they will soon see it’s true hehe 🙂

Showed a few people who had been executed for crimes against children, like the Turkish Prime Minister, among others, and tried to explane that their were many politicians, royals etc that had been executed for crimes against children. But I’m terrible at explaining stuff in general, so I don’t know if anyone will beleive me haha

Again, I will leave facebook the day that we RV (Revaluation) so I was just trying one last time to wake some people up 🙂

I’ve said before that if I wake one person up, I consider that a win hehe

The rest is up to them.

I’m focusing my energy on my daily spiritual practices and planning my future, with my girl in mind for sure hehe

India awaits me, and lots of adventures, building a house, or too, maybe more 🙂


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