I just got banned from fakebook again for 30 days hahahaha 🙂

I was back for quite a while this time hehe I tried to share that Harvard University are now doing courses for how to deal with LBTGQXYWZ+ (I added the other letters to point out how ridiqueless it has become) how to deal with those babies hahahahaha NO ONE knows what way a baby swings until puberty ish, so that course is COMPLETLY FUCKING USELESS HAHAHAHAHA someone has really lost the plot at Harvard hehehehe

Anyway hahahahaha

I don’t normally talk about my stroke (this was in my notes, but I forgot what I said about my stroke, but maybe all you peeps know haha) but it was relevant and thought people should know what I’ve been through 🙂

What a time to be alive

If only I could remember hahaha

Peace out and I’m a fool hehehehe

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