I just watched Clones and Black Navy Operations in Diego Garcia on http://www.exopoliticstoday.com and it was fascinating stuff 🙂

Incredible stuff on time travel, age regression, tunnel people, roaming gangs in the tunnels, maglevs, trains underground that run super fast all over the world and their on magnets that levitate above the tracks. 8 feet tall reptilians, little grey aliens, insectoid beings who are in charge of experiments on humans.

He agreeded to this before he incarnated on earth as a spy so that he could be tortuerd etc and gather information so that they can put a stop to this behaviour. He was taken to Diego Garcia, which is a military base in the Indian ocean, and had things done to him 😦

Aparently it’s a place where you can go to Mars and other planets, has a portal there.

He was taken, kidknapped at 23, did 2 years at Diego Garcia, then was age regressed and dropped off near his house at about the same time he left, so no one new he was missing. I know that sounds far fetched, but I have listened to many similar stories since 2018 and I trust the site that this comes from as I’ve been using it for years.

He was kidknapped in 1981 and his memorys started coming back in 2015. Because they mind wipe you when you come back so you don’t remeber anything. But a small percentage of people can get their memory’s back with hypnosis and other methods 🙂

At Dulce in America there were cages underground where they did experiments on people, and those people in the cages had a far off kinda stare, where they had been totured for years, some of them 😦

Corey Goode was the first whisleblower I watched back in 2018, with David Wilcock, who is now building hover cars with alien tech for the masses 🙂

I will recomend this for anyone who’s interested……which is none, because no one reads my shit apparently haha

Maybe my girl sometimes and one other hehe

Anyway, I liked it 🙂


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