Janine does a zodiac spread for March 2023, here is some highlights…….

Great time for new love, new relationships, abundance for all šŸ™‚

It’s undeniable that God exists when you look at Gemantria. The “deaths” of JFK and Lady Di (both didn’t really die, they went in to witness protection) is all in Gemantria, and it’s clear that God is involved some how, and that it’s part of a divine plan from above, and includes Trump, JFKjr, JFK, Lady Di, MJ andmany more, and it’s absolutly BRILLIANT šŸ™‚

According to Ismael, who was on with Tom numbers the other day, St Germaine has reincarnated as Trump.

And the Knights Templer carried the blueprint for the USA, and that’s how they are the only nation with a bill of rights and the constitution, and that’s why the dark hats want the USA to get in a war, and loose, so they can do away with the constitusion, because it’s so good that they can’t fuck with it and take all are rights away, around the world.

Because every other country goes by what the US does, because they are

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