I’m listening to T.I.P (Trust In Trance) a really old album from the 90’s, looking at my photos on the big screen, and designing my house in my head hehe

Idealy it would be right on the coast in Columb, South Goa, India, and have 3 arches, like meditaranian, yellow couler, with a big balconey all along the front under the arches, room for table, chairs, swinging hamock looking out to Sea, a pool in front of the arches with a bar at one end, four chairs and table 3 sunloungers.

Inside, from left to right if your standing with your back to the pool, a little gym looking out to sea, because I will have floor to ceiling windows, with a wall inbetween, but space at the back and front to walk through. Then the lounge open plan to the kitchen.

At the back of the lounge I will have a bird area, behind a window all the way along, so you can see them flying around. (My girl has 2 birds) and it opens to the outside on the other side of the building with a net/fence/thingy so the birds can’t escape hehe.

And the net will run the whole length of the house, with about a 14ft wall all around the back, so that the cats, (My girl has at least 2 cats hehe) can run about out there, and they will be safe and can’t escape. There will be different places for them to sleep, lazy about etc.

Back inside, the kithchen will have the sink looking out to sea with a breakfast bar running almost from the end of the bird area, towards the sink. Next is the bathroom jack and jill style, with on door going off the kitchen, the other to the first, smaller bedroom.

Then the big bedroom and another bathroom at the end, before the road, about 20 ft away. the front door will be beside that bathroom, with a big porch, table and chairs. Then on the other side of the wall were the net is, there will be a two car, big garage, with work space too πŸ™‚

Back inside breifly, running all the way to the bird bit, will be a big sitting area, big enough to sleep on, for when we have guests.

The stairs to the roof garden start outside the front door and half the roof is covered, and half has table, chairs, sunloungers, and a bar hehe

Marble floors thoughout, white and a bit of black me thinks hehe

A big wall out the front, running all the way to the sea, so the cats can be free to roam πŸ™‚

(I love cats)

Maybe a medbed for people to use in the garage bit πŸ™‚

I don’t know what the situation is yet, until I go to redeem.

My bum hurts now so I’m going to sit down haha



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