According to Ismael, from the latest Tom numbers show on YouTube, the Queen was the wife of Enki, (I think that’s the Annaki, but I’m not sure) and the nephalim giants are deep underground in Ukraine, and super soilders are down there, taking them out (to dinner, hehe, only joking…..destroying them)

You’ll have to watch it, because Ismael is the most studyed man I’ve come accoss to date on the whole real history of earth, and before earth, not the bull shit we’re taught in skools 🙂

It’s all in gemantria, the gold backed reset, Trump the savior (He’s been banging on about a gold backed currency for decacds, and every country being 1-1 with everyone else’s currency.

Both sides no the power of Gemantria, and have been using it to comunicte forever.

Trump said the final battle will be 2024, and March/April 2024 is when the solar flash is supposed to happen, so I think he’s talking about that 🙂

But…..Ismael says that the sun reaches it’s maximum in 2028 (everything goes in cyles, including the sun) So I want to be in India with my girl when it happens, in the Himalaya’s, far away from the sea, incase of tidal waves, ete (no one knows exatly what will happen, but EVERY religion talks about it at the end of the 26, 000 year cycle)

Just in case hehe………


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