Also, Megan Rose, who is in touch with Val Nek, says 2024 is when we see aliens, and aliens are suppossed to help us after the solar flash.

Any kinda futuristic technology is Aquarius, I don’t have a clue what that means, but my girl is Aquarius so I thought I’d mention it for fun hehe.

There’s going to be a big disclosure on how many clones there are…….I wrote this yesterday, and today I got back on fb and shared how many people have been replaced by clones/actors etc because of Trumps executive orders, with a fast trial by the military…..so I guess that’s becoming true too haha

I heard maybe 50% or more are clones, which I find hard to believe, but what the F do I know.

They’ve been attacking the femine for 1000’s of years, but I can tell you that my girl is 100% femine hehe

I got todays stuff from Jean Claude and Janine’s war correspondance show on Rumble 🙂

Apart from the first bit about Megan……

Peace out niggaz


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