We have to transcend all religions and get into the soul 🙂

Jesus taught that the temple is within, not out there somewhere. Not in a church, in fact he said, don’t build temples in my name…….so what did they do???? Lots of churches…..I mean, come on man hahaha

So meditation daily is the key, just sit somewhere quitely for 10 minutes a day, preferably in nature, try not to think of anything for those 10 mins, just focus on breathing from you’re stomach, deep breathes for the fisrt 3, and……..RELAX

It’s really that simple, and your life will improve after a while 🙂

We all come from source, and have the genes of Gods, because they made us in there likeness.

I dunno if I said this before, but we will all be about 30 years old after the solar flash, apart from those younger. I have no idea if this is true or not, but that’s what people say who talk about this, so that would be good hehe

They have been saying it’s next week for over 3 years now, I guess it’s to keep us calm, but I really want it done yesterday so I can see my girl and get on with my life.

It’s been groundhog day for me for 12 years, being worn out all the time, can’t stand for more than 10 minutes befor my lower back starts to hurt, can’t do much exept watch films, and work on myself.

It’s been good, but I’m done with it now…….please…I’m done……..medbed please hehe


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