29th January 2022


I can’t sleep again because I’m so fucking excited so here I am again. hehe. What are you exited about? I hear you ask…… could it be that we are close to the RV in my opinion so it’s close to me getting in a medbed and finaly being healed after almost 11 years this march? You would think so, and maybe that’s part of it, but I have been saying thank you for my perfect health for about 10 years now so it’s drumed in to my subconsious.

No, I’m sooooo fucking excited because soon after me being healed, about a month to six weeks, I will be seeing my new love, if she still likes me by then, hehe, and spending quality time with her.

We will go on many adventures and have lots of kissing and sex hehe.

I hope…….

What else can I say now that my thoughts have got me out of bed and turned my computer back on? I only turned it off half an hour ago haha

On my walk in the woods the other day, Cann woods, I met a man who walks a dog most days from the woodside cat and dogs home, he walks a dog there all the time and he never knows which dog he’s going to get. That day he had Maximus, a tiny and very friendly dog which I thought was quite funny because of his name hehe

A girl from my house walks dogs up there every day as well. They have a whole bunch of people who do it every day and I see them often. The girl above me says that the girl who walks the dogs is a smak head, but I don’t know if that’s true or not, but she is really skinny and she only ever talks to me if she has to when she’s walking dogs so…. hehe

After you’ve had a stroke it goes one of two ways I think. You either get really pissed off with everthing or you just find it funny and laugh at yourself if your struggling to do stuff, which is all the time. Can anyone guess how I react? hehe


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